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Portrait Photography Toning

16 Jun, 2019

I’ve been working on some new cross toning options for portraits. My days of toning and cross toning images goes way back to my days printing black and white and using “alternative processes” to tone the prints. Black and white silver prints were toned not only for look but to make them more archival. I …


Crazy Bird Friend

14 Jun, 2019

This is our friend “Crazy Bird”.  He’s a Great Crested Fly Catcher who attacked his reflection in the window five times a day for a week.  I was obsessed with getting a good picture of him but the circumstances were very difficult.  He was here and gone in a flash.  He was incredibly fast, the …


Topaz AI ReMix Portrait

04 Jun, 2019

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning are big buzzwords in the tech industry, but to us they are now a reality. We are using 6 AI programs to manipulate, transform and beautify our images. Five of those programs are all about the mundane: Up-sampling, Sharpening, Noise, Artifacts, Clarit…


Korologos Gallery Photography Work DC

02 Jun, 2019

One of our services is Digital Photography Consulting.  Here we show some pictures of Michael working with Tom Korologos.  Ambassador Korologos is one of our very favorite clients and we consider him a friend.  For almost 10 years we have been helping him edit and print his photography.  He travels the world shooting Leica cameras …


Board of Directors Portrait Photography

30 Aug, 2017

When a BOD has their annual meeting, it’s a great time to schedule photography.  Many leaders of the companies we work with only get together once a year.  This project for an international consulting firm included people people from offices in LA, London and India.  We worked to coordinate the headshot and portrait photography in …