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About DC Photographers Resource

On the pages of this site you will find resources and editorial content posted by DC Photographer, Michael Stewart. DC Photographers Resource is intended to be a tool for the Washington DC photography industry, including areas from Baltimore, Maryland to Richmond, Virginia. Michael works as a still photographer and director of photography. He also lectures on Photography Technology and technique. His studio is known as Studio 76 and is located in the Virginia suburbs of DC.

A Note From Michael Stewart

As a Metropolitan Washington DC Photographer I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the best and brightest photographers in the world. These DC photographers have graciously shared their knowledge of photography with me over the years. Washington DC has a unique group of photographers unparalleled in any other city in the world. NY has it’s advertising photographers and LA has it’s headshot photographers, but DC has National Geographic Photographers, Discovery Photographers, White House Photographers, Washington Post Photographers, and much more. For a small city, Washington DC has a huge photography industry. The Washington DC Metroplex stretches from Baltimore, Maryland to Richmond, Virginia with DC centered almost exactly in the middle. Our unique photography community includes photographers from in the cities and suburbs of DC, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia. This region has a very active community of Photographers and Photography organizations including The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Advertising Photographers of America (APA) and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). There are a few advertising photographers who do really nice studio photography; 100s of Corporate Photographers who do location photography; Architectural Photographers who do both commercial and residential architectural photography; Editorial Photographers who create the photography for news stories around the world; and Fine Art Photographers who do amazing photography shows in galleries all around Washington DC. The Washington DC Photography industry also has a fine assortment of industry professionals including, Assistants, Stylists, Digital Techs, Labs, Camera Dealers, Set Builders, Prop Stylists and Rental Studios.

Here at DC Photographers Resource, we feature the talented and creative individuals and groups that produce the region’s finest photography.

Thank you for visiting,
Michael Stewart

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