Fine Art Photography

We do two kinds of Fine Art Photography here at Stewart Photography: Original Works and Reproductions. Original works are images that I create from my own vision and Reproductions are “copy work” of other artists painting and drawings.

Sometimes the two merge and I’m confused about authorship of the final piece. By the time I’m done with my interpretation of an artist piece, it’s become more my work than his. Such is the case in the piece above and much of my glass abstract photography. I start with a wonderful piece and ad my own  light, science, and magic. When I’m done, it’s not glass, it’s ink on paper or metal. Yes I said metal, I’m experimenting with printing pigmented inkjet on metal.

The photograph above was made in Richmond Virginia for Michael Church, who is a genius with glass. His pieces are rich and deep. I could look at them for a lifetime and see something new every time the light hits the glass. This instillation is in the Sun Trust Building in Richmond. He put together this multimedia slideshow from some of the images we made for him: