Modeling Headshots

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Stewart Photography now does acting and modeling headshots in our Herndon, VA Studio (Studio 76). In the past we’ve turned these jobs away, but I’ve really enjoyed doing these lately and I’m happy with the resulting images. It’s refreshing to do a little work that’s not “guys in ties” or other business portraits, so I want to promote these portrait photography services. It’s difficult to do a really good single portrait at an affordable price for an individual starting out in modeling or acting. Ideally, a makeup artist would be on set, but this added expense is hard to justify when your just starting out in acting or putting together a modeling portfolio.

We are offering two packages for modeling and acting head shot photography:

HEADSHOT: A headshot is $400 for the portrait session in our Herndon Virginia Studio. This includes changes of wardrobe as necessary to get one spectacular portrait, but it’s head and shoulders only.

COMPOSITE CARD: This $685 package includes three looks that are radically different from each other. The package is designed to be laid out as a group of photographs for a modeling comp card. We also offer layout of the modeling comp cards for an additional $160 and can submit the final product to Washington DC’s top modeling agencies for $80.

These prices are for Personal Promotion only. Head shots for commercial advertising purposes may be priced according to usage.

We also do free model testing on occasion, so send us a JPEG image and we will keep you on file. Model testing is our way of trying out new photography techniques and equipment before we bring them out on assignment. Model testing is play time and sometimes yields the very best photography.