Studio Photography- Greater Reston Arts Center

GRACE recently hired me to photograph 4,242 art prints that they use for the Art in Schools program. The images will then be projected in place of the printed portfolios.  The projected images are a better way to present the materials in every way!  Many of the prints we photographed at our Herndon Studio were behind shinny wrinkled lamination. This created a technical problem because of glare from the studio lighting.  We solved this by polarizing our light sources and polarizing the lens.  This is a very effective way of removing unwanted reflections.

I’m a volunteer art teacher at my children’s elementary school. The school participates in a program called Art In Schools (AIS), which is run by the Greater Reston Art Center (GRACE). There are over 60 schools in the Northern Virginia region participating in the program. Each month the schools receive a famous artist’s portfolio to present. An army of parent volunteers heads out into the classrooms to present the materials and complete art projects in the classroom.

The 4,242 resulting images were cropped and prepared in an Adobe Lightroom Catalog (Database). This 120GB database of DNG-RAW files is now a very valuable resource for the GRACE AIS program as the images can be output for utilized in Print, Web and PowerPoint.

GRACE has a gallery located at Reston Town Center with one of my prints hanging. It’s a pigment Ink on metal print. This is a cool new kind of print I’m making.  You don’t need to frame them and the metal really shines.  You can check out the print at the gallery Aug 31-Sept 18. Please contact us for pricing on pigment metal prints.