File Transfer & Downloads

Photography files are generally too large to send in email so a file transfer system is required.  We can work with any of the common systems for file transfer including: Dropbox, Google Drive, Share File, YouSendIt, FileCloud, File Request Pro and WeTransfer.  WeTransfer is what we use most frequently if a client does not request a specific system.

We can also set up FTP accounts for clients that have ongoing file transfer needs.

WeTransfer is free with limitations.  We use a pro account which lifts the restrictions.  For those of you who just need to receive files from us.  You simply need to click on the WeTransfer link we send in email and download your files.   The files can be downloaded again and again if need be.  They stay on the WeTransfer server for up to 1 year. If you need them after that we can upload them again and send a new link.

For those who need to send us files, using WeTransfer is free for sending up to 2GB.  If you have multiple files, you will need to put them in a folder and  zip compress them.  On Windows it’s as simple as right clicking on a folder and selecting send to zip.  You will then have a .zip version of your folder.  As long as it’s under 2GB, which is a lot, you can send it for free.

Please feel free to contact us with any file transfer & download questions.