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About Studio 76


Studio 76 is a small home studio.  The main shooting area is 700 square feet and we use every foot of it.  We shoot portraits and products in the studio on a regular basis and have it set up for optimal use of space.  There is a kitchen just off the shooting area and an additional room for changing and styling. We also have a room treated for sound recording where we do voice over and vocal recording work.

The studio has a Cyc (white infinity wall) with a background system that has 6 interchangeable backgrounds always ready.  We have 20 other background options available, but it takes a few minutes to set those up. 

We have more than ample lighting and equipment in our studio. Please see our equipment schedule if you are interested in the studio equipment we use.

Directions to Studio 76

Studio 76 is on the left side of my residence at 1576 Kingstream Circle, Herndon Va. We are set back from the street at the end of a pipe-stem driveway.  We have parking down the long driveway.  Look for the large Red S on the mailbox by the main road.  Come on down the driveway and try to park in a spot that does not black other cars or park on the street and walk down the driveway.

Give us a call if you’re lost or running late:  703.501.1500