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Video Production by Stewart Image

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[singlepic id=1002 w=280 float=none]Stewart Image was born as a still photography business in 1986, when film was used for both making printed materials and projecting movies. Today we are a visual services multimedia company serving the North Virginia, DC, and Maryland community. We have produced home tours, interviews, instructional videos and a moving portraits. We partnered on projects with other small production companies, freelance producers, and sound engineers as needed. Today’s digital technology allows us to create . Our visual skills, camera work, lightening, and production experience to create media that works.
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[singlepic id=1002 w=240 float=none][singlepic id=1002 w=240 float=none] Videos are an alternative to photographs that can be used as a communication tool. They can be a strong part of establishing your image to clients, not only making a connection through sight, but through sound as well. Videos are overall more engaging and will encourage web traffic by being shared, as they can easily be spread through social media. The possibilities are endless when creating a video, sound effects, graphics and other visual aids can be easily added for a more engaging viewing experience.

Schedule an appointment with us to talk or send us an e-mail describing your video production needs and requirements. Depending on how you would like to use the video/moving portrait, we’ll take you through the process step by step. Any and all questions are welcome.

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Michael works as a commercial photographer, digital photography expert, and an academic photographer. Michael studies and writes about photography techniques in addition to running a busy commercial studio in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. Technical skill and a sharp eye for creating artistic work are the bases of his studio’s success. When he isn’t shooting assignments, Michael enthusiastically edits technical books and articles on photography. He is the Tech Editor of UPDIG the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines and the DAM book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers . Michael’s industrious nature and pioneering spirit has allowed him to achieve a place at the vanguard of professional photography.