Our Equipment

Michael is a well known for his love of photography equipment. He keeps the studio up to date with the latest cameras, lenses, computers and lighting equipment. Michael is proficient with both Windows and Mac computer systems and he uses Nikon, Canon, Sony and Leica cameras. The current primary camera system is based on a 47MP Nikon Full Frame platform and the lenses include Sigma Art and Tamron SP V2 models in addition to Nikon glass.

The studio and location kits include ample lighting for just about any situation. We use both LED continuous lighting and strobe systems. We also have a collection of Flo-recent and Tungsten lighting that gets less action in our current workflow. We’ve also been developing and testing a custom LED Panel system we call Speed Lighting.

Location assignments require custom kits that are portable enough yet have ample lighting and gaff equipment. We pack carefully for every assignment. Packing the right amount of gear is a skill you learn over time. Every assignment is different and we always need to have the right equipment to make great pictures. There are 100s of little parts to our location kit and forgetting one could cause us to be unable to get the shot we need for our client.

Please inquire about an official equipment schedule if your assignment requires that information.