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Real Estate Photography by Stewart Image

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[singlepic id=1002 w=280 float=none]We have worked with many home builders and realtors in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area photography homes and businesses. Quality photos are an essential tool in the real estate business, and we’d like to provide you with the best tools possible. Our eye for detail will bring out the unique characteristics of any space. We will work with you to showcase the highlights of your property. Having professional photos taken of your home or property can allow you to increase your asking price, and draw in more potential buyers.

“Without an eye-catching photo, the battle is lost before it begins,” Prof. Seiler says. “You have to grab people’s attention within two seconds. Do it the way a billboard does.”

Check out this infograph by Ruxta Realty on the benefits of professional real estate photos.

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[singlepic id=1002 w=240 float=none][singlepic id=1002 w=240 float=none] Send us an e-mail or give us a call at PHONE NUMBER telling us about the location you need photographed (amount of rooms, square feet, location, ect) and we will provide you with an estimate based on your needs. Once you schedule your shoot, we will arrive with our equipment and being to stage the rooms to provide the best look of your space. After your session we will work quickly and diligently perform basic retouching of the photos (removing things like electrical cords and anything unnecessary) then deliver the photos to you electronically. [singlepic id=1002 w=240 float=none]

About Michael Stewart…



Michael works as a commercial photographer, digital photography expert, and an academic photographer. Michael studies and writes about photography techniques in addition to running a busy commercial studio in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC. Technical skill and a sharp eye for creating artistic work are the bases of his studio’s success. When he isn’t shooting assignments, Michael enthusiastically edits technical books and articles on photography. He is the Tech Editor of UPDIG the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines and the DAM book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers . Michael’s industrious nature and pioneering spirit has allowed him to achieve a place at the vanguard of professional photography.