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Northern Virginia Headshot Photographer inHEADSHOTS photography


Business headshots have always been a large part of our photography business. We really enjoy doing them, but that business has changed. Photographers who do cheap headshots are everywhere now. We want to compete by delivering quality work at a fair price.

We’ve are developing a new headshot business called inHEADSHOTS. The name is a little play on Linkedin (in). We do a lot more headshots for Linkedin, so the name seemed to work for a brand. We are specifically marketing for in studio headshots for individuals.

We offer a really good headshot at a very reasonable price. The base headshot price is $400. That’s all that most people need. We include a lot at that price: retouching, unlimited time, wardrobe and background changes, etc. We even send three file sizes: Print, Web & Social Media.

We offer a lot of options for customizing your shoot at additional cost. A lot of people add extra retouched images to their portrait session. We can also bring in a hair and makeup artist. We can do “green screen” background replacements and change clothing color and style.