Personal Work –

I’ve always been a photographer who works on personal projects. I started at age 11 with an editorial series on the birth and early life of 10 doberman puppies. That series was shot on Polaroid SX70, my first camera. I then went on to a series of bugs pictures. My mother was horrified that I was refrigerating the bugs so they would hold still for my pictures; the bugs weren’t too happy about it either. My first assignments were for the school paper and yearbook in 7th grade. These were black and white portraits that made me very popular with the subjects, who were mostly 12 year old girls.

My passion for photography has inspired many personal projects over the past three decades. There is sometimes crossover between personal work and professional photography, like my mountain bike work that was published in many bike magazines and my food, beer and food photography which has landed me many restaurant jobs. The point of personal work is never to get assignments, it’s just something I do because I love photography and I’m happiest when I’m being creative.

Recently, I’ve been shooting macro abstract art photography. I’ve amassed a collection of over 10,000 images and I’m feeling ready to show the work. I’d describe the work as “bending light through a lens to create pleasing shapes, textures and colors”. I feel that abstract photography has the advantage over other forms of abstract art. Abstract Photography is a manipulation of reality, not something entirely made by an artist. It’s intriguing to see how far I can bend reality using my cameras lens, light, science and magic.

I’m working on showing more of my personal work and have started building a website called Here a few samples of my personal work: