Korologos Gallery Photography Work DC

One of our services is Digital Photography Consulting.  Here we show some pictures of Michael working with Tom Korologos.  Ambassador Korologos is one of our very favorite clients and we consider him a friend.  For almost 10 years we have been helping him edit and print his photography.  He travels the world shooting Leica cameras and has a style all hos own.  Ambassador Korologos has a storied career as a politician and public servant but I think he’s more proud of his accomplishments as a photographer.  He should be! His images are amazing and he’s one of the most prolific photographers I know.  He shoots thousands of excellent images every year and sells them at the Ann Korologos Gallery in Basalt CO.  He also publishes an excellent calendar every year and gives them to his 400 closest friends.  I’m proud to be the one he has chosen to assist him with his photography projects and I value his friendship.  We have a very good time making photographic art. -photography by Barrett Stewart